Gentoo on Sparc

Wed, Jan 29, 2003 with tags old , sparc , gentoo , linux

So rather than utilize a junk windows PC for my computer for research, I have been allocated a SunBlade 100, not a bad computer at all. The problem is that I need USB network device driver support for it. Solaris doesn’t cut it. So I figured that I would install Linux on it. The natural choice, at least for me, was Gentoo. It seems like a nice enough distribution. I like the entirely from source totally-up-to-date aspect of it. But it doesn’t seem to be going that well.

First I had to fight with the install program. I had some big time problems with mounting the proc file system. I think I have it now, but I’m still not all that sure. Then I had to wait while it compiled everything. I can handle all of that. Then I installed SILO but must have horked it, because it didn’t work. The bootable CD saved me. Then I realized that I hadn’t installed the /usr to the partition that /usr was supossed to be on. This killed me. It horked both my /usr and my / partitions. So it’s back to square one with Gentoo on my blade. Oh well…keep on trucking…