Break out your pens...

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 with tags old

Break out your pens my freedom loving friends and write your senator. It seems that it is illegal for me to modify a piece of hardware that I own. That’s right, today the USDOJ siezed control of The owner had been selling mod chips that allow people to play any game on their XBox. The DOJ has a press release online about the whole thing.

Here is what bugs me about this. I don’t own an X-Box, and we’ll skip the part about how I think people who own an X-Box should be thrown in jail. That aside, this is a lot like making a VCR illegal as that allows you to play any movie over and over again without renting it again. But it also has legitimate purposes. The Enigmah mod-chips he was selling allowed you to play back ups and any region DVDs. This is hardly illegal. I’ve got a few old CDRom games for PC that are all scratched up and no longer playable, if I had been really worried, I could have burned copies of them. Pretty straight forward. But apparently, giving people the ability to do that is now illegal.