Spirited Away

Mon, Mar 31, 2003 with tags old

So I went out and saw Spirited Away and must say that it was a most triumphant movie. It was so interesting how it tended to blur the lines between good and evil. The animation was pretty impressive too. This is the first anime that I ever have paid to see in a theatre, but I think it was well worth the price.

The voice acting in the movie was pretty poor, but that’s to be expected because the nice people at Disney dubbed it into English because Americans can’t read subtitles. I’m not saying that it was poor enough to distract from the film much, but it wasn’t good enought that they added much.

The most astounding thing really was the story. In the beginning when Chihiro is still new to the world is probably the part of the story that is the best as it causes you develop some questions about people. It’s also interesting because they made No Face resemeble a lot of the other spirits that came off the boat.

In any case, I’m not qualified enough to write a full review, but I do suggest seeing it. Disney pushed the movie into 800 theatres because it won the academy award for best animated picture. Try to catch it before it’s gone.