I apparently commit a Class A misdemeanor on a daily basis

Tue, Apr 29, 2003 with tags old

According to 720 ILCS 5/16-19 2B (scroll down the page some), my roommate commits a class A misdemeanor on a daily basis. How is this you ask? Well, at our apartment we have my desktop acting as a router for all of our Internet traffic. When he utilizes his computer, it has an IP address of, which is not routable, yet when his connections go out they show up as Thus, he is obscuring the source of his communication and guilty of a class A misdemeanor. Good thing that I don’t have to NAT my connection.

But then I realized, that I’m still probably guilty. Why? Because for one of my class projects I’m writing the new version of Peekabooty which allows rewebbing for anonymous browsing of the Internet. It effectively obscures the location of the request, thus making it illegal. This is just plain retarded. I’m writing the software to get around censorship for people in countries like Saudi Arabia and China, where I’m pretty sure it’s going to be illegal too, but why would it be illegal inIllinois? I should note, it’s also illegal in Pennsylvania. I knew I should have gone to the University of Minnesota or University of Texas.

You can find more information about these ass backwards Super-DMCA laws on Felton’s weblog.