iPod Class Action

Tue, Jun 7, 2005 with tags weird , random , iPod , apple

In the mail yesterday I received a claim form to take part in the class action settlement against Apple regarding their iPod batteries. Basically, Apple claimed their batteries lasted longer than they did, and many people were angry about this. Especially when they saw that Apple charged an arm and a leg to replace the battery. More information about the whole mess can be found on the settlement home page.

There’s only one issue. I’ve never owned an iPod. In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever bought any Apple product. I think they make good products (although I am dismayed about the recent switch to Intel), but I’ve never actually bought any. I usually talk myself out of the purchase well before I actually would buy it. Furthermore, they sent it to me at my new address. An address that I’ve only had for about 2 months. I can guarantee that Apple wouldn’t have my address here. Also, it’s just addressed to “Patrick”, no last name on the document.

If it had just said “Wagstrom” for the addressee it would make more sense because Kristina bought an iPod mini in April (which is not covered in the proposed settlement). This all leaves me wondering, how in the world did they actually get my name for this settlement and what caused them to think that I own an iPod? Just one of those things that makes you shake your head a bit.