Hawk Tour Gets Some Press

Wed, Oct 12, 2005 with tags press , hawktour , academic , iit

Back at IIT I started an IPRO on pervasive computing under the direction of Dr. Xian-He Sun. The project started out as pervasive solutions for classroom use, but eventually morphed into a cool project called HawkTour. It was pretty hard to leave this work because it was a lot of fun and we were creating interesting new uses of technology. Well, after I left, they continued in the vision that was laid out with some of my ideas and lots of AMAZING work by Tyler Butler and created a cool pervasive computing application that lets you know what is going on in your area while taking a campus tour. A few days they got some great press from the Boston Globe. This makes me really happy. Congrats to the folks who are working on this. It’s nice to see projects you started on grow up.