Fives about Ubuntu Dapper

Mon, Mar 20, 2006 with tags dapper , linux , ubuntu

Ubuntu 06.06 (note the delay from the original 06.04), aka Dapper Drake, is well into development, and being as I have a shiny new laptop, I decided to give it a shot. So, here’s a list of five things that I like about Dapper and five things that could use some work. Many of these aren’t necessary Dapper specific, but they’re things that I didn’t do with Breezy (or Hoary, or Warty…).

Five Things That Rock

  1. deskbar applet - totally changes the way you use your computer. Alt-F3 is your friend.
  2. NetworkManager
  3. Improved startup time
  4. Banshee and iPod transcoding
  5. SSHFS doesn’t crash in Nautilus

Five things that need help

  1. gtkmozembed needs some serious help - breaks Blam! and Liferea
  2. Sleep/Hibernate not so hot on my T43p
  3. xgl halts my T43p
  4. No built in support for fingerprint scanner (but it does work)
  5. NetworkManager tends to halt sometimes - especially if I unplug the network cable

Overall I’m really impressed. I’m hoping that by the May WPLUG installfest I can have xgl working and all bugs hammered out. Of course, my dream for a Ubuntu focused installfest is dead because Dapper is delayed.