I Guess I'm the MCatalog Maintainer

Tue, May 9, 2006 with tags mono , mcatalog

Apparently some of my original emails to Cesar, the author of MCatalog got lost in transit, or his replies did, or something. Anyway, after my requests, Cesar asked if I would like to maintain MCatalog, I agreed to the task. So that will make my branch of MCatalog more or less the official trunk of MCatalog.

I wish I could say something like “To celebrate the momentus occassion, I present to you MCatalog 0.3,” but I can’t. I had a few issues marked for 0.3, but when they were all resolved it didn’t feelĀ  like a new release. At least, not a jump from 0.2 to 0.3, maybe a 0.2.1 release or something. So, I went and added more stuff to my todo list of 0.3. Anyway, look for a release in the next few weeks. Also, please download it, try it out, and give it some love. It compiles pretty easily once you’ve added the mono-dev package in Ubuntu Dapper.