How to Make a Wii Component/Composite Combo Cable

Fri, Dec 8, 2006 with tags video , nintendo , composite , instructables , component , wii , hacks

My component cable for my Wii showed up this week, and Zelda in 480p is much nicer than 480i. However, I’ve got a slight problem. Because I use a YPbPr to VGA transcoder that only handles 480p, when the Wii switches to 480i output for things like GameCube games, I can’t see it. The simple solution is just to always switch cables, but, that doesn’t satisfy my hacker instinct and may be hard on the Wii. Can’t I just make one cable with a switch between them? Yes, of course I can.

With that, I present my first ever Instructable: Nintendo Wii combo Coponent/Composite Cable. Please, take a moment, go look at it, and see if you an pull off the same thing. As always, you can break your Wii, make yourself sterile, and potentially ruin your life with this, but that’s a small price to pay for laziness.