Recent Talk: Abusing the GitHub API and Graph Databases to Gain Insight About Your Project

Wed, Jul 31, 2013 with tags research , github , graph , gitminer , data

Last night I, along with a lot of other amazing folks, gave a lightning talk at the Data Science DC meetup. In addition to talks about being a “growth hacker”, random forests, consensus clustering, and “If you give a nerd a number”, there was my humble talk about GitHub, Graph Databases, and gaining insight about the social aspects of your project.

In short, I did an exploration of the Julia programming language using my tool, GitMiner, to evaluate the social aspects of the community around the language. I was pleased when I saw that one of the foremost influencers of Julia, at least when measured by watched repositories was Data Community DC’s own Harlan Harris. I promise I didn’t plan that, but it made for a little more interesting of a story.

For folks that are interested, I’ve posted the code that I used for the analysis as a GitHub repository. Feel free to check it out, fork it, or do whatever you want with it - under the terms of the MIT license, of course.