Migrated Blog to Hugo

Sun, Jul 17, 2016 with tags meta , hugo , weblog , docker

Hey world, long time no blog. Last time I wrote an article I had barely moved to Connecticut and IBM Watson Group didn’t even exist yet. Anyway, I’ve taken some time to do two major changes to my website. First, I’ve migrated everything over to Hugo. As I get more content this becomes less and less trivial, but Hugo seems like it’s a great balance between usability and performance. I’ve also refactored my personal website to run my web pages through a series of docker containers. The notable thing about that change is that it now has a nginx http/2.0 capable frontend that is proxying traffic to containers on the backend. It’s all running through Docker.

I’ve also published the source code for both these containers and my personal website. As you might expect, you can find them both on GitHub:

  • patrick.wagstrom.net: the complete source code to everything required to make this website using Hugo
  • webpage-docker-containers: two different docker containers used to run this website. Eventually I should break the nginx frontend proxy out to it’s own container and publish it in the primary docker repository.

I’m certain that there still are a few little nits and issues with the website. Mainly around the fact that this webpage has been evolving for the last sixteen years (nineteen if you count time time before it was at patrick.wagstrom.net). That means there are a lot of old web crawlers out there that are looking for content that just isn’t there anymore.